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Welcome to one of Africa's safest places to visit and tour!!

Zambia, located in Southern Africa, bordering with 8 neighbouring countries, is a country renowned for its scenic splendour, colour, warmth and friendliness. Zambia is known as the undiscovered gem of Africa, and a safari in this vast country  offers huge diversity: an exploration of a land filled with waterfalls, lakes, rivers and wetlands, and the discovery of a country proud of its’ culture and traditions, abundant wildlife and exotic wilderness.  Zambia boasts 19 national game parks, including the Kafue National Park, Africa’s largest game reserve, and the South Luangwa, known as one of Africa’s  premier wildlife destinations. Zambia and Zimbabwe’s borders meet at one of the natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls, and one of the largest man-made lakes, Lake Kariba.

Zambia has a temperate climate thanks to it’s altitude.  There are three main seasons.

  • November to March are usually hot with thunderstorms;

  • April through to July the days are dry and warm, mornings and nights can be cold;

  • And August to October, the most pleasant months, are warm to hot, and dry

Zambia’s 10 million people are mostly Africans of Bantu origin, belonging to a large number of tribes which speak 73 dialects, although the official language is English. About 40% to 50% of the population lives in the urban area’s, mainly Lusaka and the Copperbelt. There are 7 major tribes in Zambia.

Hunting Safaris in Zambia


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